Sleevey Wonders can change your relationship with your wardrobe!


These reversible slip-on sleeves are made to wear UNDER all of your sleeveless, strapless, halter style dresses and tops to transform your outfit into something NEW! 


Sleevey Wonders are reversible, so you can cover more or less cleavage -- depending on the piece of clothing and the event you are attending. They are made of 4 way stretch fabrics to gently hug your arms - making them appear firmer and slimmer - with a light, soft, comfortable touch. They have no shoulder seams helping the illusion that they are part of the garment. 


These sweet pieces turn old garments into something new... expand your travel wardrobe without filling up your luggage... extend your current wardrobe through more seasons... are great for when you can't be sleeveless at work... reduces the need to always be carrying a sweater/jacket... AND, can help give you new confidence to "dance without your arm waddle wagging"*!


*Content from Sleevey Wonders brochure.