Thigh Society moisture wicking slip shorts to the rescue!  No more painful chafing and rash when your thighs rub together.


The four way stretchy, breathable microfiber hugs your curves to give a smoothing effect without feeling squished in like shapewear. Lightweight, soft, and oh-so-comfy... you'll forget you're wearing them.  As they say over at the Society... you'll be able to 'breathe a thigh of relief'!


At Curvalicious Boutique, we regularly carry both the 7.5" inseam and the 9" inseam in beige and black starting at size M/L. We can also special order.


P.S. For those who think they already own 'something-just-like-these'... there is nothing else like them. Seriously. They are made from a high quality, opaque fabric that provides modesty and security -- for when you are wearing your favourite kicky skirt and a gust of wind comes along! And for those of us with exceptionally curvy thighs and who still try to cross our legs -- the panty keeps everything safely tucked away. And it saves us from the yuckiness of sticking to hot park benches, restaurant or bus seats. They are dream bottoms.